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ClearDB’s Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) is the efficient and secure choice for provisioning and maintaining native MySQL database assets in the cloud.

Built on ClearDB’s powerful Data Services Platform, ClearDB’s DBaaS offers true freedom of choice with both multi-tenant and single-tenant service tiers available in major cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. You choose the cloud and the region, then leave the provisioning and management of your MySQL database to us. All service tiers include 24/7 support and fully automated daily backups. Plus you can secure your database connections using 256-bit SSL encryption.

  Community Developer Production Enterprise
Native, Unaltered MySQL        
Dedicated Infrastructure        
Fully Managed        
Instant Deployment        
Multiple Masters        
Sub-Second Automatic Failover        
Multi-Regional Deployments        
Instant Scaling        
Read Replica Support        
On-Premise Support        
Self Healing Technologies        
Multi-Cloud Clustering        
Hybrid On Premise / Public Cloud Clustering        
Automatic Patching        
Flat Rate Monthly Billing        
In-Memory Performance with Aventra™ Iron        
Automated Backups        
User-Initiated Snapshots        
SSL Wire-Level Encryption        
Full Volume Encryption       AWS/Google
Automatic Backups Encryption        
Max Database Size 10 GB 1 TB 1 TB 64 TB
Max Concurrent Connections / Master 40-50 2000 2000 User Configurable
24×7 Support Varies      


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If you have unique requirements that aren’t addressed by our existing COMMUNITY, DEVELOPER or PRODUCTION datastores, contact us to discuss custom datastore options. Need multiple entry points, more storage, on-premise masters or read-only slaves? ClearDB’s sales team can discuss a custom solution based on your unique requirements.

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