ClearDB is Now Part of the RDX Family!

ClearDB has been acquired by RDX - a leading provider of data management and managed database solutions.

Get to the Cloud Faster with G5

Deploy high-performance databases on AWS and Azure in minutes with RDX's new G5 Database-as-a-Service


Completely Fault Tolerant

ClearDB is the only Data Services platform offering true multi-regional read/write mirroring with 100% uptime

Ultra Secure

ClearDB uses a combination of 256-bit SSL encryption and client certificates directly in MySQL for 100% secure connections

Deploy Instantly

Our clusters use native MySQL so that you don't have to worry about re-tuning your applications to work with ClearDB

MySQL as a Service

Partner with ClearDB to bring Power, Efficiency, and Convenience to your business.

“MySQL users can use ClearDB and gain the full benefits of the Windows Azure platform. The Windows Azure cloud can give MySQL users confidence that their database will be available and scalable to meet their needs.” DOUG HAUGER, GM of Microsoft Azure Business Development
“In today's always-on, data-driven, global economy, the database is often the lifeblood for business success. ClearDB addresses critical requirements for database efficiency, reliability and choice on premises and in the cloud.” JASON STAMPER, 451 Research Analyst
“ClearDB provides Heroku users with a globally distributed MySQL database management option that will keep users connected to their data even if whole regions of the Internet should fail.” MORTEN BAGAI, Sr Director of Product Management at Heroku, Inc.

Test Drive ClearDB

See for yourself how ClearDB accelerates application development and frees DBA cycles.