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ClearDB Powers Mission-Critical Customer Portal for Colt Data Centre Services

Colt DCS set out to build a customer portal application in MySQL. The IT team knew they wanted to partner with a fully managed MySQL provider who could deliver world-class database resiliency, with geographic redundancy. The reason? Colt DCS could not fail its customers, and its database provider could not fail Colt. Colt DCS decided to use Microsoft Azure for global scale and ClearDB, a fully managed database-as-a-service (DBaaS), for customer management and portal access. The ClearDB service is fully transparent to Colt’s customers but is at the center of an Always-On experience.

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Yooture with ClearDB Shakes Up the Job Search Market

The initial implementation of MySQL was a success and it made sense to continue down this path in search of a more robust version of the database. After evaluating several options, Yooture chose ClearDB as its MySQL service provider. ClearDB’s advanced integration with Cloud Foundry made deployment extremely simple.

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Smart Toys, Smart Apps, Smart Games Drive PRIVO to Rely on Astute Provider ClearDB

PRIVO’s software as a service (SaaS) is a hub of restful APIs that can be independently utilized for authentication, identity verification and consent management. The APIs can be pulled into a consent flow, to enhance existing login access or they can power actual registrations. The PRIVO system is based on JAVA and uses the Spring Framework. In order to deliver best-in-class and low to no latency performance PRIVO turned to ClearDB for assistance.

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World-renowned Boat Manufacturer Powers Cloud Services and Business Growth with Azure Environment and ClearDB MySQL Backend

Thunderbird was hosting its website on an on-premises server, running Windows Server 2008. The server hosted the WordPress site and the company’s MySQL database. The WordPress/MySQL data was growing at a rate of at least 10 percent annually, and the site stability on the server had become inadequate. As a result, the company experienced Internet and power outages, which effectively shut down the website repeatedly.

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Multi-Industrial Enterprise Company strengthens global sharing with a world-class ClearDB database

A multi-industrial leader with services in energy-efficient heating/cooling systems and lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries needed to share large files quickly and securely among its teams and vendors across the globe to eliminate ad hoc methods of exchanging data, including overnighting external hard drives and sending data through unsecured public share sites.

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