Breakthrough with ClearDB

In today’s digital economy, success often comes down to how quickly you can develop and deploy new applications. Yet 80% of developers and IT professionals agree that database provisioning and maintenance is a major bottleneck.

Break through the Database Log Jam
Databases can take days or weeks to provision while maintaining availability and high-performance is a constant drain on IT resources. ClearDB's cloud-based Data Services Platform saves time, money and frustration and accelerates the application development process. Now there's a better and faster way to provision, manage and scale databases to break the database log jam.

From On-Premise to the Cloud. And Back Again.
With ClearDB, you have the flexibility to move your applications from on-premise to the cloud with no changes to your code. ClearDB integrates geo-distributed and database virtualization technologies with global orchestration, provisioning, billing, telemetry and support into a centralized on-demand licensing and delivery model that simplifies the management of database assets without any modifications to the database. ClearDB is not a database, so you get an agile, secure development and production environment.

Take ClearDB for a Test Drive

Take ClearDB for a test drive through our Cloud and Platform partners. Our goal is to enable you to get a hands-on experience with ClearDB’s MySQL DBaaS solution. Apply and start your journey now.

Azure customers can get a free
Mercury DB database through
the Microsoft Azure portal

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Heroku developers can
create a free Ignite DB for use
with Heroku apps on Amazon AWS

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