Yooture Selects ClearDB’s DBaaS Platform

ClearDB Supports Innovative Mobile Job Application Company, Yooture, with Security, Stability and Flexibility

DALLAS, Texas – June 6, 2018 – ClearDB, a pioneer in native enterprise cloud database technologies, today announced that Yooture, an online job search site based in Switzerland, has selected ClearDB’s MySQL Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) solution to power its multi-regional, cloud-agnostic, secure job search site.

Yooture’s application and user base are growing fast, and its users have downloaded 250,000 instances of the application within the past 3.5 years. The job search company doubled its user base in 2017 and is on track to double again in 2018. As a result, Yooture needed a stable, resilient platform to support its growth, and chose the highly-scalable ClearDB platform to keep Yooture’s dynamic environment online, high performing and accessible.

As the second-largest mobile job seeking application in Switzerland, Yooture provides three different user interfaces for its job search candidates – iOS, Android and the Yooture website. All three customer applications connect to the same ClearDB MySQL database in Cloud Foundry. ClearDB then serves up the data through Cloud Foundry to the mobile application. The company uses Elasticsearch as the run-time matching engine and RabbitMQ for its chat platform.

ClearDB’s highly available DBaaS architecture delivers a resilient, geographically redundant database infrastructure that ensures continuous, unfailing portal access to Yooture job seekers and corporations. The company’s global architecture is designed from the ground up for high availability and low latency to MySQL-powered applications with scheduled backups in multiple regions and time zones to ensure data availability and an international footprint.

“It’s a high priority for us to move our hosting into Switzerland. We also want the option to choose between cloud providers,” said Dominik Bartholdi, Yooture’s co-founder who oversees application development and operations. “That flexibility is one of the reasons we chose ClearDB and Cloud Foundry as they support different environments and locations across Europe. What’s more, ClearDB is platform-neutral and can quickly migrate to other locations, which serves our critical compliance requirements.”

Regulations are not Yooture’s only security concern. “Our customers expect us to keep their data private and that is our highest goal,” noted Bartholdi. ClearDB maintains privacy and security with multi-regional read/write mirroring for 100 percent uptime. It also combines 256-bit SSL encryption and client certificates directly in MySQL for the highest levels of data security.

End-users trust that their data will be secure and always available, and Yooture earns that trust with ClearDB’s stability and database integrity. Multiple Yooture applications employ the MySQL databases, but the master data stays protected in ClearDB’s service. Even if other applications go down, ClearDB allows Yooture to quickly rebuild without losing any data.

“ClearDB’s managed DBaaS is a great solution for high performance, high transactional and multi-user environments such as the one Yooture manages,” said Allen Holmes, vice president of marketing and platform alliance for ClearDB. “Our reliable, flexible DBaaS solution not only increases efficiency for multiple users accessing data at any given time, but it also simplifies database management so dramatically that Yooture considers ClearDB its in-house database administrator.”


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