Paving the Way to Cloud Workload Optimization

ClearDB was born in the cloud and is a pioneer of cloud-based technologies and solutions that optimize the computing efficiency and utility of any database application.

As our company has evolved, we recently delivered cloud workload efficiency solutions that boost performance while ensuring data is safe and highly available at the same time. Aventra™ IRON represents this next evolution in ClearDB’s quest to improve the way database and IT resources are consumed and managed.

Allen Holmes, VP of Marketing
Allen Holmes, VP of Marketing

In this Q&A, Allen Holmes, our VP of Marketing explains the origins of Aventra IRON, the benefits of cloud workload efficiency and our company’s overall goal in helping deliver value to our customers.

What is Aventra and why was it created?

At ClearDB, we already provide bare-metal performance to over 50,000 cloud customers with our IRON technology. This technology has been in use since 2013 when our database-as-a-service (DBaaS) customers needed efficient, data persistent and highly productive workloads for their virtualized applications.

We were already optimizing DBaaS solutions and realized our core technology could be delivered in a variety of packages to benefit the broader, escalating needs of customers and partners. Welcome Aventra IRON – delivering bare-metal performance, data persistence and high-availability in the cloud.

Aventra IRON has integrated our workload efficiency software technology with an AWS-AMI to create a portfolio of Aventra IRON options – memory resident software solutions – that enhance EC2’s capabilities by enabling your workloads to be processed as close to the compute power as possible.

What are the industry trends/challenges driving the need for cloud workload efficiency?

The pure volume of workloads moving to the cloud is enormous. In fact, according to the Cisco Global Cloud Index 2015 – 2020, 92 percent of all workloads will be processed in cloud data centers by 2020.

There are number of challenges created by this movement including cloud disruption and acceleration, runaway cloud costs, data center concerns and problems with in-memory computing techniques.

What are the benefits that Aventra IRON brings to the market?

The primary benefits of an Aventra IRON is workload efficiency, cost savings and simplicity. Our Aventra IRON solution enables our customers to also realize the complimentary benefits of bare-metal performance, data persistence and high-availability in the cloud. With Aventra IRON, organizations are able to right size and enhance the capabilities of their cloud instances without having to choose between cost and performance.

Which cloud platforms is Aventra IRON compatible with?

Currently, Aventra IRON is designed for the AWS cloud architecture and we are looking to add additional optimizers aligned with the recent EC2 family. As we build out our portfolio with AWS, we also plan to expand to other public cloud platforms later in 2017.

What is your overall goal for Aventra IRON?

We share AWS’ vision of delivering cutting-edge innovation to enable our customers to drive business value. With Aventra IRON, we want to provide our partners and customers with the most cost-effective cloud infrastructure on the planet.

Who is the target customer?

Any customer in the AWS marketplace utilizing EC2 instances is ideal as well as anyone who has a workload that is starting to experience increased latency and/or performance degradation. The true value of this solution is the simplicity of scale and its immediate benefit to all customers and partners, regardless of vertical market. We see a tremendous cost savings opportunity for SaaS companies leveraging AWS’ cloud infrastructure.

How can a company get started?

Getting started is easy. Start your free trial today by visiting the AWS Marketplace, and selecting the Aventra IRON solution that is right for you. We look forward to hearing about your experience.