Notice: Mercury DB and Titan DB Plans for Microsoft Azure Are Being Phased Out

Due to recent changes in the Azure cloud, ClearDB has chosen to phase out the Mercury DB and Titan DB service plans from our Azure catalog.

Customers with existing Mercury DB and Titan DB subscriptions can continue to use these plans during the phase out period without any impact to their service, however eventually these plans will require an upgrade to the Venus DB, Saturn DB or Jupiter DB level.

Upgrading a single database plan is instant, requires no downtime, and increases the resources available to your database while also providing access to ClearDB’s 24/7 support though the ClearDB portal.  This means more firepower for your application(s), plus added room to grow.

Please stay tuned for additional information from ClearDB about this change of service.  If you have not already done so we recommend logging into the ClearDB portal and checking to make sure your contact information is currently up-to-date.

The popular Venus DB, Saturn DB and Jupiter DB service plans will remain available both via the Azure Marketplace and the ClearDB portal.  These Community tier plans run on multi-master, multi-regional clusters inside the Azure cloud and in close proximity to your application.  Databases are automatically replicated across multiple nodes in the cluster in real-time, and advanced high-availability routers detect any node failures and re-route database traffic as required to maximize uptime.

Also available through the ClearDB portal are Developer Tier and Production Tier dedicated datastores designed specifically for the Azure cloud.  These two powerful service tiers provide dedicated infrastructure and allow customers to create up to 100 databases per datastore for a single flat monthly rate for predictable billing.

All of ClearDB’s service tiers automate database backups and patching so your data stays safe and available, and all with no changes to MySQL and no surprise billing.

If you would like to speak with ClearDB about any of our service tiers, or the recent changes to our Azure Marketplace offerings, please contact  Thank you for being a valued customer of ClearDB, we appreciate your business.