Update: Change of Billing Notice for All Azure ClearDB Service Plans

Posted by Troy Mitchell

Important Change of Billing Notice for all Azure ClearDB Service Plans

To maintain continuity of service and to clear the path for future service enhancements, ClearDB requested that all customers transition their billing from Microsoft to ClearDB. The deadline for making this transition was June 13th, 2018. To provide excellent customer service to those who did not complete the transition by the deadline, ClearDB has chosen to keep a secured copy of the database until November 30th, 2018. Please note that all databases will be permanently deleted on December 1st, 2018.

If you want to obtain a copy of your database before it is permanently deleted, please contact support@cleardb.com for assistance. To expedite the process please be ready to validate access rights to the database by providing the application’s connection string to the database as well as your subscription number and e-mail address associated with your Azure or ClearDB account. The support team will work with you to ensure access to the ClearDB portal and to your newly restored database.

This Azure billing transition is intended to clear the path for future service enhancements that aren’t possible with third party billing arrangements and will instantly unlock direct access to the ClearDB portal for Azure customers.
Customers with clear DB portal access gain valuable new benefits such as insights into database usage and performance, and easy access to daily backups and our 24/7/365 support ticket system. Direct portal customers also gain control over where they receive important service alerts, including critical updates on database access and availability, and notices of new features and functionality.

This Azure billing transition does not include a plan price increase for any customer who restores their database into the same plan as was active on the June 13th deadline.

1. When should I complete this transition?
You should have completed this transition by June 13th, 2018. If you have the required database credentials ready to go and would like to have your database restored, you must submit a request before November 30th, 2018 by contacting support@cleardb.com.
2. Is it possible to recover a database if I was using a Mercury DB or Titan DB SKU?
The billing transition requirement is a separate issue than the deprecation of the Mercury DB and Titan DB SKUs. If you were using a Mercury DB or Titan DB that was discontinued on March 13th, 2018, you may still request the restoration of the database but you’ll need to subscribe to one of the currently available community plans: Venus DB, Saturn DB, or Jupiter DB. If your database was previously frozen but has not yet been deleted, upgrading it will restore access to the database.
3. I don’t use Azure, but I do use clear DB. Do I need to complete this billing transition?
No this is a change for Azure customers only. If you use ClearDB with any combination of Heroku, Amazon Web Services, pivotal web services or Google cloud platform, but not Microsoft Azure, then you can safely ignore this notice.

(Original Post: March 14th 2018): https://w2.cleardb.net/important-change-of-billing-notice-for-all-azure-cleardb-service-plans/