IBM Changes Impacting Databases Created from the IBM Marketplace

Note: No Impact to IBM Bluemix Catalog Users

The IBM Marketplace is going through some changes, and if you’ve spun up ClearDB services through the IBM Marketplace in the past then you’ve no doubt received notice from IBM that your database plan will be suspended on July 15th.

To be clear, this change only affects the small number of customers who spun up ClearDB services through the IBM Marketplace, and does not impact the majority of our IBM customers who use ClearDB through the Bluemix Catalog integration.

If this change does impact you and you’d like to continue to use ClearDB to power your application’s MySQL database, here are some steps you can take to get back on track:

Step 1: Create a ClearDB Account

Although an account was created for you when you initiated services from the IBM Marketplace, that account does not include login credentials for the ClearDB portal.  Start here to create your new account:

Make sure to add your payment information to your account so you can quickly spin up resources as needed.

Step 2: Spin Up New Database

Once you’re logged into your account, look for the “Create New Database” button and click it.  You will want to choose the “IBM Softlayer” cloud – this is the same as “Bluemix Infrastructure,” which is the new brand name for Softlayer.


Once you’ve chosen your cloud, you’ll be shown a list of all available options for IBM customers.  Choose the database or datastore that best fits your needs, then choose a region to complete the process.  Community Edition plans are available for IBM customers in Dallas, London and Sydney.

Step 3: Grab Your MySQL Credentials

From the portal, click on your new database name to arrive on the “Performance” tab.  Look for the “Endpoint Information” tab and click that to arrive on a page that looks like this:


You’ll want to copy down the “Hostname” that’s found under the “Cluster Gateway Information” tab, as well as your “Access Credentials” for connecting to your MySQL database.

Step 4: Migrate Your Database

You’ll want to place your application in maintenance mode while you migrate your database, otherwise any writes made to the database during this process can be lost.

ClearDB recommends use of the free MySQL Workbench tool provided by Oracle to complete your database migration.  You can find information about its migration wizard here:

If you need to download the software, you can find it here:

If you’re having trouble with this step, log into the ClearDB portal and open a support ticket to request assistance.

Step 5: Change Your Application’s Configuration

Once the migration is complete the final step is to change your application’s configuration file to use the new database credentials.  Once you’ve completed this step you can take your application out of maintenance mode.

Note: If you are having problems locating your original database, or if it has already been removed due to the changes with the IBM Marketplace, contact our support team immediately for assistance with getting a copy.  It’s important that you do not delay if your database has already been removed, since backups are only kept for a short period of time after a database is deleted.