ClearDB’s New MySQL Datastores are Now Available on Azure and EC2

ClearDB is pleased to announce that we have released a new line of Premium single-tenant datastores, giving developers exciting new options for their MySQL database environment on both Microsoft Azure and Amazon EC2. The new “Basic” and “Pro” level Premium offerings are available right now, and offer some distinct and useful advantages over our popular multi-tenant database plans.

First as mentioned above, all of ClearDB’s new Premium additions to our lineup are single-tenant datastores. That means you’ll experience consistent performance that won’t be impacted by traffic from other ClearDB users. And notice we said “datastore” and not “databse.” That’s because all Premium datastores allow you to create as many databases as you need, storage permitting. The limits on storage and concurrent database connections are higher than what’s available with a ClearDB multi-tenant database, making the new Premium datastores an attractive option when your MySQL needs extend past our entry-level options.

The datastores in the “Basic” line offer an affordable single-tenant option that’s ideal for your smaller applications, dev/test environments, or production workloads with moderate SLA requirements. These datastores are single-master environments that start as low as $75 per month for up to 60 GB and 300 connections. The largest datastore from the Basic line offers 500 GB of database storage space and as many as 1000 concurrent database connections for just $400 per month.

If you who need a 100% up-time experience and enhanced support in a single-tenant environment then you’ll want to look at the “Pro” line, which starts at $400 per month for 60 GB and 300 connections. These “Pro” datastores are multi-master database clusters that offer sub-second automatic failover capabilities to guard against downtime. They include a 100% up-time guarantee, a 15-minute support response time and a 6-hour resolution guarantee. These Premium datastores are perfect for your mission-critical applications, and reach up to 1 TB of database storage with 2000 concurrent database connections.

Check out the full lineup of options on our pricing page. If you’d like to provision your own MySQL datastore, just log in with your ClearDB account and click the New Datastore link from the dashboard.