ClearDB is now available in Windows Azure

ClearDB announces strategic relationship with Microsoft; brings MySQL to Windows Azure & Windows Azure Websites

SuccessBricks, Inc is pleased to announce that it is now offering its flagship MySQL database service, ClearDB, on Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Azure cloud.  The general release means that Windows Azure customers can take advantage of ClearDB’s globally distributed MySQL database service via the ClearDB website.

“In line with our direction of support for openness, we are pleased that MySQL users can use ClearDB and gain the full benefits of the Windows Azure platform,” said Doug Hauger, General Manager, Windows Azure Business Development, at Microsoft. “The global and reliable Windows Azure cloud can give MySQL users confidence that their database will be available and scalable to meet their needs.”

“We are pleased to now offer ClearDB services in Windows Azure,” adds Cashton Coleman, President and CEO of SuccessBricks, Inc. “Through our relationship with Microsoft, Windows Azure customers now have a way to reliably run MySQL database workloads on Windows Azure. It has been a pleasure to work with the Windows Azure team, and we’re excited to bring our game-changing MySQL database service to Windows Azure customers.”

ClearDB is an affordable and powerful database-as-a-service solution that provides geographically distributed, highly available MySQL database services to the cloud.  With ClearDB, you will stay connected to your database even if entire regions of the Internet experience sudden, pervasive service outages.

“ClearDB solves a simple but vital problem. It provides customers with a reliable way to maintain continuous access to their MySQL databases at all times,” says Coleman. “With ClearDB, we solve a critical issue that has brought down sites like Netflix, Reddit and Quora when cloud-based service availability problems occur. What’s more, we’ve solved it in a way that is easy to use and is affordable for any sized company.”

ClearDB is the result of more than four years of research and development. It is a globally distributed database platform that uses an innovative approach to multi-master MySQL database replication and management for the cloud.

For more information about ClearDB, please visit, or the ClearDB store for Azure at