ClearDB Announces AppFog Add-On General Availability

WACO, TX (March 14, 2011) – SuccessBricks, Inc. is pleased to announce the generally available release of ClearDB for the AppFog Platform-As-A-Service. This release means that AppFog users may now take advantage of ClearDB’s highly available database services.

“We are incredibly pleased with the interest around our add-on program, by the caliber of partners joining us and by the robustness of the resulting developer platforms we provide for our customers,” said Lucas Carlson, founder and CEO of AppFog. “ClearDB is a great example of the kind of service that we love to provide to our customers. By providing simple, integrated access to the sort of secure, reliable, scalable and easy to use database-as-a-service that ClearDB provides we are enabling developers to more easily create great apps. ClearDB gives developers more choices and will continue to establish our ecosystem and our product as one of the best available on the market for diversity, simplicity and ease-of-use.”

“ClearDB is pleased to partner with a top notch platform like AppFog to bring our unique MySQL cloud database service to its developers,” said Michael Russo, VP of Sales and Marketing at ClearDB. “It has been a pleasure to work with the AppFog team, and we look forward to providing its developers with a globally distributed MySQL database management option that keeps users connected to their databases even if entire regions of the Internet should fail.”

ClearDB is an affordable and powerful database-as-a-service solution that provides geographically distributed, highly available MySQL database services to the cloud.  With ClearDB, you will stay connected to your database even if entire regions of the Internet experience sudden, pervasive service outages.

AppFog customers can get started using ClearDB on AppFog for free with our 5MB Aluminium plan, and move into production use with our Bronze plan, a great price at $9.99 per month with 1GB of storage. For more information about the ClearDB add-on for AppFog, please visit

“ClearDB solves a simple but vital problem: provide customers with a way to continuously have access to their MySQL database at all times,” says Coleman.  “With ClearDB, we solve a critical issue that has brought down sites like Netflix, Reddit and Quora when service availability problems occur in Amazon Web Services. What’s more, we’ve solved it in a way that is simple to implement, easy to use, and is affordable for any sized company.”

For more information about ClearDB, check out and for AppFog, see