ClearDB Case Study: IBM Aspera on Azure Cloud


IBM Aspera Install on Microsoft Azure Cloud

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Multi-Industrial Enterprise Company strengthens global sharing with a world-class ClearDB database

How does a world leader in building-efficiency systems improve its own business efficiency? The answer was ClearDB in collaboration with an IBM scalable file-sharing solution.

A multi-industrial leader with services in energy-efficient heating/cooling systems and lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries needed to share large files quickly and securely among its teams and vendors across the globe to eliminate ad hoc methods of exchanging data, including overnighting external hard drives and sending data through unsecured public share sites.

The company decided to implement IBM’s Aspera High-Speed File Transfer software to enable the quick sharing of large files worldwide and across a variety of teams, offices and systems. However, to do that successfully it required a secure, highly available MySQL database solution that would support its Aspera installation in a Microsoft™ Azure cloud platform.

The Clear Choice: ClearDB

The multi-industrial company turned to ClearDB, a pioneer of cloud-based technologies and solutions that optimize the computing efficiency and utility of any database application. ClearDB’s solution works with IBM’s Aspera architecture to create a highly available database that’s easy to use. It moves, shares and synchronizes large files and data sets, digital assets and media quickly and securely.

The customer’s internal audit showed that ClearDB’s database-as-a-service (DBaas) would provide more security and higher performance at lower cost than an internally-created solution using the customer’s MySQL services. The ease of migration, data/disaster recovery and integration with IBM Aspera plus a glowing recommendation by IBM made ClearDB the clear choice for the implementation.

During the first phase of the greenfield project, ClearDB stored metadata and configuration parameters. The fully-operational solution relies on ClearDB to facilitate back-end database interaction. As large files are uploaded to the IBM Aspera transfer service, a link is sent to the user and the file downloaded.

Building Success Worldwide

In the customer’s media-rich environment, ClearDB powers the solution that lets each division of the global company to quickly transfer promotional videos, presentations and other data files, upwards of 50 MB, with the solution eventually facilitating server-to-server replication.

With ClearDB’s highly available database supporting its Aspera’s file-sharing solution, the multi-industrial company can:

  • Boost performance for clients who rely on software to collect and monitor building efficiency data
  • Download and install software patches quickly via technicians’ tablets at customer sites
  • Transfer corporate videos between production companies and its communications team
  • Share communications and media files for corporate events
  • Offer remote access for training videos, manuals and media-rich presentations

Built for Simplicity, Efficiency and Security

ClearDB provides a faster, stronger, safer way of getting data to applications anywhere in the world. Key features include:

  • Global architecture designed from the ground up for high availability and low latency to MySQL-powered applications
  • Scheduled backups in multiple regions and time zones to ensure data availability
  • Instant backups, and restoration of existing backups on demand
  • One-click database restoration
  • Advanced security for data stored within a database, on the wire or in a backup device, including encryption
  • Encrypted connections via SSL certificates
  • Always-on database monitoring
  • Simple, effective tools for easy analysis of database statistics
  • Easy management API to automate backup operations and obtain real-time database status info

ClearDB’s solution has made a world of difference for the company as there isn’t a limit to the growth in size or volume, and as the multi-industrial company expands into other regions having a secure, scalable and highly available MySQL database that supports its file-sharing solution to speed data transfer of large files will greatly enhance its business.


To successfully enable large file sharing across the globe, the organization needed a secure, highly available MySQL database solution that would support IBM’s Aspera High-Speed File Transfer software installation in a Microsoft™ Azure cloud platform.


ClearDB worked closely with IBM and the multi-industrial customer to devise and support a highly-available solution that let the company share large files quickly to all its locations around the world.


  • Easy integration
  • High availability
  • Built-in disaster recovery
  • Multiple servers in a regional distribution
  • Quick implementation in less than a day


  • Supports the database needs of IBM’s Aspera High-Speed File Transfer software installation in a Microsoft™ Azure cloud platform
  • Highly available, non-stop database that is efficient and secure
  • Super-reliable architecture that protects against infrastructure failure
  • An end to database sprawl, administrative complexity and inefficient infrastructure costs
  • Limitless potential for innovation