Why ClearDB?

ClearDB is a faster, stronger, safer and more reliable way to get data to your applications, no matter where you (or your apps) are in the world

Global Architecture

ClearDB is designed from the ground up around the premise of failure in order to provide true high availability and low latency performance to your MySQL powered applications.

Scheduled Backups

Your database is backed up in multiple regions and in multiple time zones to ensure that your data is available. You can also create instant backups or restore existing backups with our backup management tools.

Advanced Security

Whether your data is in your database, on the wire, or in a backup, it's encrypted to keep it safe and secure. We don't take chances with your information. You can also encrypt your connections via our SSL certificates.

Always-On Monitoring

Our team monitors your database 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure that it's always available and secure.

Simple, Effective Tools

Our graphical tools enable you to easily perform quick analysis on important database statistics. We also give you easy access to backups that you can restore with just a click of the mouse.

Easy Management API

Hook directly into ClearDB's management API to automate backup operations and get realtime status info about your database.

How ClearDB Works

ClearDB creates multi-master and multi-master with multi-replica MySQL configurations in regions that are important to you to provide your applications with a fully redundant solution that can survive outages, network failures and even natural disasters. You choose how much computing power and storage you need, then we set it all up for you so that you have a secure, powerful and reliable MySQL database that best serves your needs.

Under the hood, ClearDB uses a combination of advanced replication techniques, advanced cluster technology, and layered web services to provide you with a MySQL database that is "smarter" than usual. We also use things like mixed binary replication logging and auto-increment offset seeding so that you can continue using MySQL's nondetermanistic and time-based functions such as UUID(), NOW() as well as auto-increment keys in your tables.

Wire & Disk Security

Communication between clients and database nodes may be encrypted using 256-bit SSL encryption, signed by both server and client certificates. We also encrypt all of our database backups to keep your data safe while it's out of the database.

Replicas Everywhere

All replicas that feed from our master-master configurations operate with the same binary logging format and enable your database to scale indefinitely with the number of replicas that you need. You can also have multiple replicas in any AWS availability zone or Azure region to ensure data availability.

ClearDB is Right Next Door

ClearDB master and replica nodes are configured to be right next to your applications, eliminating latency issues. This enables you to take advantage of local "private" networks within the cloud that are much faster and far less expensive than running your database through the internet.

How it works