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Why are you offering a program for partners?

We believe the greatest market opportunity for our database services lies in the channel. The goal of building a partner program supports our executive vision, to drive our sales primarily, and eventually solely through partners. We are making our programs as seamless as possible to let you focus on what matters, adding value to your customers.

What kind of partners do you work with?

We work with a wide range of partners, including service providers, integrators, resellers, ISVs and technology vendors. Our programs are flexible and structured to allow you to select the one that is right for your business.

How are customers using your services?

Customers using our services range from SMB to large Enterprise organizations, here are some example scenarios:

  • Enterprise organizations looking for a seamless and reliable way to move mission critical to the cloud without sacrificing performance.
  • Organizations with content management solutions that require high performance, scalable and reliable services.
  • Companies that specialize in developing web apps.
  • ISVs wanting to localize and improve their app performance.
  • Developer’s looking to accelerate development and deployment.
  • SMB requiring a dependable and cost effective database service as they move to the cloud.

Are there different Cloud 1st Partner programs?

We offer 2 partner programs:

  1. Premier Partner Program for Service Providers who want to manage the full customer relationship running on their infrastructure. Partners who are looking for a simple fulfillment process, and have their own commercial service agreements with cloud providers in place. This program enables Microsoft CSPs ability to provision ClearDB services directly into their Azure subscriptions.
  2. Authorized Partner Program is ideal for technology resellers who want to sell value added solutions but don’t want to manage the entire customer relationship. Authorized Partners are able to resell our existing database services – including the underlying IaaS – at discounted prices. All services are hosted and managed by ClearDB, this enables the Authorized Partner to maintain their focus on solution selling, as opposed to building/managing their own services.

What are your partner program features and benefits?

AUTHORIZED Partner Program features and benefits include:

  • Own the sales and transactional relationship with the customer, while we actively manage the architecture and support the product relationship.
  • Discounted pricing across all hosted DBaaS products. No inventories or overhead, provision only what you sell.
  • Additional benefits common to all partners are listed below

PREMIER Partner Program features and benefits include:

  • Own the full customer experience.
  • Risk-free and a frictionless experience through our pay as you go program.
  • Directly provision into your Azure subscription setting your own pricing and offers.
  • 24X7customer support ticketing and escalation services available through our partner portal.
  • Additional benefits common to all partners are listed below.

ALL partners receive the following benefits:

  • Simple onboarding process will get you up, running, and selling in no time!
  • Opportunity to qualify for market development funds for promotional activities.
  • GTM Guide offers a full set of resources to accelerate your time-to-market.
  • Sales Playbook: Positioning, Objection Handling, Qualification Questions, Best Practices, Case Studies.
  • Technical help: Roadmap updates, onboarding training and online technical guides.
  • Partner Support through our Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees service availability and timely support resolution. Optional premier service packages are available.

What are your program requirements?

Our program requirements ensure you have what it takes to succeed and effectively support your customers using our services.

Authorized Partner Requirements:

  • Conduct sales transactions and billing with the end customer.
  • Deliver first level technical support during business hours in the local language of the customers you serve.
  • Discuss and develop a go to market strategy with ClearDB to maximize opportunities for both parties.

Premier Partner Requirements:

  • Manage the entire customer relationship, including sales transactions, billing/invoicing, and notifications regarding service operation and product updates.
  • One or more commercial Azure subscription(s) owned either by the partner or the customer.
  • Ability to offer 24×7 end customer billing and technical support in local language of the customers you serve.
  • Discuss and develop a go to market strategy with ClearDB to maximize opportunities for both parties.

Do you offer any sales training?

Yes, we provide sales and technical training during our onboarding process. We also provide training materials through our Partner Resource Center and ensure you have access to our updates through regular forums, newsletters and webcasts.

Do you support full API integration?

Yes, ClearDB offers a full-service REST API for partners to fully integrate ClearDB service endpoints with their own web storefronts or service architectures.

Do you support other cloud platforms in addition to Azure?

Yes, we offer multi-cloud services today including Amazon Web Services, IBM SoftLayer and Google Cloud Platform. If you are interested in discussing opportunities to partner using our multi-cloud capabilities, please contact us:

What is the market opportunity for MySQL?

The Database as a Service (DBaaS) market is expected to be worth $1.8 billion in the coming year, according to a 451 Research report by analyst Matt Aslett.

The market opportunity for MySQL is sizable and the shift to open source DB is growing. According to a recent O’Reilly developer survey, most respondents were identified MySQL as their primary data tool.

It is likely that your customers are using MySQL today. While working on a recent project with Microsoft, we discovered that 65% of accounts in a specific region were using MySQL within their organization.

Finally, MySQL offers significant value including:

  • Scalability: sporting the capacity to handle deeply embedded applications with a footprint of only 1MB to running massive data warehouses holding terabytes of information.
  • Platform Flexibility (Linux, Windows, Unix) while offering high performance and availability at a low cost.
  • By migrating current database-drive applications to MySQL, or using MySQL for new development projects, corporations are realizing cost savings that many times stretch into seven figures.

By partnering with ClearDB’s and offering our MySQL DBaaS services on Azure, you have the opportunity to expand within your existing accounts and into new markets.

Can I sell your services for databases other than MySQL, such as SQL Server, MariaDB, or DB2?

Our technology is theoretically agnostic to the type of data store. We have leveraged MySQL as our main database flavor up to this point because it presented the greatest market opportunity for our services. However, we have bench tested our services with several other database types and have experienced very favorable results. We encourage our partners to discuss their specific database needs with us, so we can assess the opportunity together and determine the best opportunity for both parties.

How does your service handle migrations?

We offer extensive support packages to our partners that include dedicated hours of IT service time that can be allocated towards migrations. But, realistically, offering migrations are a fantastic way for our partners to contribute additional value, and upsell that service as a premium customer experience. Partners can maximize their ROI with such migration services by using tools such as mysqldump to which they can simply point an application without making any significant code changes. We also refer partners to the detailed training provided through or to self-service tutorials on social media such as this ‘How To’ Video on YouTube.

How do I join your Cloud 1st Partner Program?

You are invited to join our partner program through our website, fill in a short application and we will contact you to help you through the application process. You can also contact us directly through email:

Common Microsoft Partnership Answers

What is your experience with Microsoft Azure?

ClearDB is a strategic Microsoft partner powering more than 175,000 databases globally as the only commercial-scale MySQL-as-a-Service offering on the Azure cloud. In addition, ClearDB is the only third party vendor utilized by the Azure Web Services team worldwide. ClearDB services are available for purchase through the Azure Marketplace or directly through the ClearDB web.

We are honored to have received several awards and recognition for our innovation, impact in data analytics, and product leadership. The CIOReview Azure Special Magazine published on December 5, 2016 featured ClearDB as one of 20 most promising Azure Solutions Providers.

Does your program support Microsoft Tier 1 and Tier 2 CSPs?

Yes, our programs support both Tier 1 (Direct) and Tier 2 (Indirect) Microsoft Azure CSPs. Our Partner Portal provides complete account governance and custom price books for our channel partners to build, manage, and sell to their own channel ecosystem – whether that be comprised of direct customers, indirect channel partners, or both.

How does your Partner Program benefit Microsoft CSPs?

Our Premier Partner Program is ideal for Microsoft CSPs who want to own the full customer relationship, running on their own infrastructure.

  • No cost to join, establish your account, register subscriptions and create products without incurring any fees.
  • Directly provision into your Azure subscription setting your own pricing and offers.
  • ClearDB services require a large Azure footprint, which means large volume Azure service pull through.
  • Low friction sales fulfillment process using your own Azure accounts & subscriptions
  • Strengthen partnership with Microsoft through higher volume sales and greater visibility

Want to get started? We are offering Microsoft CSPs a free 90-day support and maintenance package for a limited time, JOIN TODAY!

Can I use my Microsoft Licensing Agreement, or enable my customers to use their Licensing Agreement?

Yes – through our web-based Partner Portal, Premier Partners to register their (or their customers’) Azure subscriptions as new provisioning endpoints for ClearDB services.

I prefer to resell value added services, is there an option suited to my business?

Yes, our Authorized Partner Program is best for resellers who want to add value selling unique market offerings, but don’t want to own the entire customer relationship. Through this program, we offer discounts with no minimum quotas or annual contracts.

Can I resell or host your services through the Azure Marketplace?

Our Cloud 1st Partner Program only applies for partners transacting ClearDB products directly through our portal. The Azure Marketplace is driven and managed solely by Microsoft, and ClearDB does not have the day-to-day administration access required to manage the program.

Microsoft currently supports the Bring Your Own License (“BYOL”) method for provisioning third party solutions under the Microsoft CSP Program. The ClearDB Service Portal is designed specifically to support this BYOL method through automated provisioning into Azure subscriptions that the partner provides. Subsequently, Microsoft CSPs can quickly and easily sell, provision, and manage ClearDB services for customers using the ClearDB Service Portal and using their own Azure subscriptions.

Microsoft now offers MySQL on Azure (MySQL In-App), why should I consider offering your MySQL services?

The MySQL In-App is a “bolt on” database for simple web applications. While it is very convenient, it is not a commercially scalable nor a viable option for a production-caliber environment. MySQL In-App is not a managed MySQL service nor does it offer high availability, geo-redundancy, regional failover, multi-regional and multi-master capabilities, or any other requirements for mission critical application workloads. In contrast, ClearDB provides all these capabilities, delivering a proven and production-ready option for MySQL on Azure.

Do I have to be a Microsoft CSP to be a ClearDB partner?

No, our programs are not restricted or limited to Microsoft CSPs. ClearDB is a multi-cloud database service solution and offers phenomenal value and differentiation on Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Soft Layer. ClearDB also is compatible with any public, private, or hybrid cloud environment. We are truly versatile and adaptable to virtually any IT scenario.

How do I join your Cloud 1st Partner Program?

You are invited to join our partner program through our website, fill in a short application and we will contact you to help you through the application process. You can also contact us directly through email: