Aventra IRON enabled EC2 AMI’s enhance the capabilities of EC2 instances with their unique in-memory technology.

With Aventra IRON enabled AMI’s, EC2 customers harness the processing power of larger instances from smaller instances and deliver targeted workload performance requirements with less costly EC2 instances.

Aventra IRON is specifically engineered for sustained workloads where EC2 applications face simultaneous processing requirements, and/or are impacted by heavy user traffic, and/or use highly shared resources. They accelerate compute, memory and storage optimized EC2 instances; high-performance EC2 computing instances; and EC2 instances used for general purpose applications. As a result, workloads are processed close to their CPU’s as possible, yet are safe from disruptions in RAM.

At ClearDB, we provide bare-metal performance to tens of thousands of our cloud customers with our IRON technology. This technology has been in use for years when our database-as-a-service customers need efficient, data persistent, highly productive workloads for their virtualized applications.

ClearDB IRON is the most effective, easiest, and least expensive solution that achieves their application performance goals. Now IRON’s unique capabilities are available as an Aventra IRON enabled AWS-AMI for all kinds of EC2 workloads. They cost effectively boost instance performance while ensuring EC2 data is safe and highly available.

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