Aventra™ IRON

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Cloud Performance or Cost Savings? Why not both?

Features & Benefits



Cash Flow



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Reduce cost of revenue to self-fund company growth

Invest free cash flow in sales and marketing to grow share of market and revenue

Invest free cash flow in R & D to drive innovation and differentiation

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Improve gross profit by up to 20% via lower cost of revenue

Strengthen company valuation for future financing or acquisition

Reduce cost of revenue by up to 50% to minimize spend with cloud service providers

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Leverage performance benefits of Aventra™ IRON to create new features and services

Enable resources to spend less time on application performance tuning, more time innovating

Inspire thought leadership with a technology that breaks through traditional performance barriers

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Reduce cost of revenue, grow profit margin and increase free cash flow

Stop paying up to 33% of every dollar earned for cloud infrastructure

Use improved cash flow to avoid, minimize or delay funding while retaining equity

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Innovative memory and storage unification technology delivering ultra low-latency, in-memory compute with data persistence

IOPs performance boost of up to 30x delivers 3X – 8X workload efficiency

Simple, non-invasive installation on host or virtual machines to support any database or any application

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Aventra™ IRON ROI of > 200%

Risk free performance guarantee

Achieve optimal return on investor funding by investing more in the company and less in a cloud service provider