Aventra + AWS

aventra + AWS

Delivering bare-metal performance, data persistence and high-availability in the cloud

Introducing Aventra’s family of Optimizers

Aventra’s IRON software technology delivers bare-metal performance, data persistence and high-availability in the cloud. It has been powering tens of thousands of databases and applications for years and it’s blazing performance is now available to AWS EC2 users.

Aventra has integrated our IRON software technology with an AWS-AMI to create a range of Aventra Optimizers – memory resident software solutions – that enhance EC2’s capabilities by enabling your workloads to be processed as close to the compute power as possible.

Aventra Optimizers

We share AWS’ vision of delivering cutting-edge innovation to enable our customers to drive business value. Aventra Optimizers enable you to power sustained, high-demand workloads, manage your peak processing and user traffic without increasing the size of your EC2 instance.

What’s more, Aventra Optimizers are cost-effective so you no longer have to choose between performance and cost. But don’t take our word for it. Evaluate our Optimizers for yourself and compare the before and after benefits on your real world workloads.