Aventra™ IRON

Cloud infrastructure has changed IT forever
Any time information technology operations experience their costs and resource requirements rising faster than the capabilities of their systems, it opens doors for innovations to emerge. Lowering costs and increasing infrastructure capabilities is at the top of all IT professional’s to do list. These priorities are especially true today.

Never have IT operations been pressed so hard to deliver so many applications and services so fast than in our current era of accelerating IT change; characterized by virtualization, internet-of-things, mobility, and big-data. The gap between what businesses need and customers demand, and what IT can deliver from ever tightening budgets continues to widen.

Consequently, IT organizations are turning to innovative computing models so they can continue delivering their goals and objectives, providing more effectively sourced and consumed IT services for their business users and customers alike. One such model is cloud computing. This architectural disruption is being deployed in public and private clouds today.

ESG Labs has recently reviewed Aventra IRON and published their views in this white paper.

Preparing for the future
The next 5 years of cloud technology innovation will be about reducing costs, while supporting more workloads into increasingly more efficient compute infrastructure. The cloud is forcing IT to exit the asset management business and embrace cloud benefits. However, the stampede to the cloud is creating another problem – an untenable datacenter cost-capacity dilemma with workload growth.

Scaling out datacenters is not an economical infrastructure strategy and scaling up racks to absorb increasing server power loads has its own power and cooling limits. The cost of power and cooling has caught up with compute and in some cases, has surpassed as a % of datacenter costs. Combined, they require a new workload virtualization strategy to combat runaway cloud energy and compute costs in order to absorb the mass workload migration to the cloud. Taken on whole, providers will spend 2x or more on datacenter infrastructure versus projected improvements in workload densities, creating an unsustainable cost dilemma.

Consider that by 2020, datacenters will consume 10 times more power than in 2010, 50 times by 2030. Essentially, an efficiency tax on workloads that requires a technology breakthrough.

Introducing Aventra IRON
Aventra IRON delivers bare-metal performance, data persistence and high-availability for cloud scale and traditional datacenter infrastructure. In fact, Aventra IRON has been powering tens of thousands of databases and applications for years and it’s blazing performance is now available for IT.

Efficiently Unifying Memory and Storage to accelerate server performance to address workload variability. Regain predictable compute infrastructure to handle current and future workload requirements with an increase of up to 8 times more workload density when integrated on existing compute infrastructure. IT teams now have the option to consolidate workloads on fewer servers or cloud instances by sweating assets and avoiding expense server, storage and operational costs on the infrastructure. IT teams may reduce or eliminate the need for existing or future enterprise licenses. For more Aventra IRON details, check out the product brief.

Aventra IRON is a simple, downloadable for LINUX based systems deployable in public and private clouds and on-premises datacenters. Aventra IRON does not require any kernel or application tuning, so the impact is immediate. Check out the top 10 reasons “Why Aventra IRON”.

We have created a fast and simple development sandbox by integrating Aventra IRON with a handful of AWS-AMI’s to allow our customers to test their workloads for increased performance, lower costs and improved workload predictability. Start a free trial in AWS or contact us to get started.