Aventra™ IRON + Amazon Web Services

Aventra + Amazon Web Services

Unlock true cloud savings on your EC2 Workloads

aventra + AWS

Aventra shares AWS’s vision of innovation that drives business value.

Bare-Metal Performance on AWS-EC2

Aventra’s IRON software technology has been powering tens of thousands of databases and applications for years and it’s blazing performance is now available to AWS EC2 users.
Enhanced Capabilities of EC2 Instances
With Aventra IRON enabled AMI’s, you can harness processing power of larger instances from smaller instances and deliver targeted workload performance requirements with less costly EC2 instances.
Manage Your Peak Processing and User Traffic
Aventra IRON enables you to power sustained, high-demand workloads, manage your peak processing and user traffic without increasing the size of your EC2 instance.

Start reducing the cost of your EC2 Workloads with Aventra